I’m just not very good at this am I. Haha, I did well there keeping up with writing then life and laziness took back over. And work. Work’s just been the same old; unloading truck, stocking shelves, and helping reset the aisles. By the time I come home I’m fairly exhausted. There’s so many things I could and should be doing but I have no energy. I’m starting to feel like my iron levels are low, guess I want red meat tonight!

I did write some on a couple of stories. Tried to flip back and forth between two so that if I lost the flow with one, maybe the other would pick it back up. Seemed to help some. I’ll have to try it again.

I wish I kept writing when I was thirteen. I wrote a probably 20 page story with no problem. It was definitely a trek into Mary-Sue Land but just that I wrote it without any problem amazes me now. I don’t know if it was because that was before English classes really drilled how to write papers into me later on or just that I had a desk to write at other than a laptop on my lap, but it felt easier to write then. Of course, there was no intention to ever let someone see it besides me so there was less pressure. I’ll have to find that zone again. I hope I can find that zone again.


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