Dumbass Drivers

To the idiots that decide to speed up to my car and ride on my bumper; remember this might be the day someone says screw it, then hits the brake pedal. What if an animal that runs out into the road? And because you didn’t leave enough room in between you and me, you have to pay for my medical bills and a for a new car. Is it really worth your life and mine to come flying up and stay right up on the back-end of another vehicle? Think you can have the common curtsey to stay two car lengths behind me, when I’m doing the speed limit, and there’ s a shitload of cars coming the other direction?

Morons that don’t use their blinker or flip it on to where it only blinks once: Seriously? How am I supposed to know you’re wanting to get into the other lane? As great as I am at deducing what people are thinking/feeling when in person; there’s this little hindrance of metal/fiberglass and glass between the two of us! The one blink was a nice attempt, but had I been looking to the left at the carcase strewn along in the median for the split second use, there could have been a serious accident!

On the roads I travel to and from work, there is at most 20 cars per mile. For ten miles, it’s a four lane road. You have plenty of room to move about but there are times, people heading home for example, where there’s a bunch together. There’s really no blinker use there, speeding is rampant, and I’ve seen several cars without a license plate or any in-transit sticker. It’s really starting to piss me off! I don’t think I could handle living where there’s a lot more people out on the roads.


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