Another Poem

A poem I have no where it came from, I mean I don’t remember what caused me to write it. Having never been in love but I like it for some reason.

You hate that I won’t try
To agree or compromise
Even the most shy
See through your disguise
This love is not true
Though in my heart
I know I love you
But I will ignore this feeling
Even when I’m floating on the ceiling
I’d rather break my heart
Than have you tear it apart
Please don’t try to understand why
Because there’ll be no truth, only a lie.


Werther Memories

When I was little, I thought I was so sneaky taking piece of candy after piece from an emerald-green bowl my grandparents had in the basement of their house. It was always Werther’s Original. They never put anything else in that bowl. I would be sitting downstairs watching television, MacGyver and cartoons mostly, and there on the top of their old television, that emerald bowl with candy would be calling my name. I’d never think that they would notice it being almost empty by the time I left and I’d never put my wrappers in the garbage. They would know I had eaten the candy then; no I had to stuff them in the sides of the chairs. Thought I was so sneaky, would never be caught.



It`s been a long time since I just sat outside on the grass and just listened and felt anything. I can now see why living in the country has its appeal. Beautiful baby blue sky with its fluffy cotton ball clouds.

I never got to just look at the sky and see what creatures I could see in the clouds. I never took the time. Hearing the wind blow through the trees and the birds singing their happy little songs…All I wanted to do was just lay there and listen, actually listen to the sounds.

Then just looking at the trees and grass, fields and houses. So many beautiful, wondrous things around us. It started to remind me of a painting. The entire world, the entire cosmos is just one giant painting in progress. Ever changing and getting more beautiful so long as we stop to look at it. What is a painting without its viewers? Canvas, paint, a little charcoal, and someone`s vision. But if you stop and really see it, your outlook can change in an instant.

Today we are all moving so fast to get somewhere, do something, be someone that we forget to just sit back, relax, and listen and take a good look around us. We miss that little things that makes life worth living and get stuck on fighting with each other.

The House

I pretty much crapped out at the end of this story. It was actually several different posts but I’m just going to make it one on here. I’ve been tempted for a few years to actually go back and finish it in a better way but whatever muse I had at that time has fled in despair. Read at your own risk.


Monster Poem

One of the gather posts. I’m not sure how I feel about this now. Seems kinda childish but oh well.

Monsters in the darkness
You can hear them call
Left and right, fear them all
Shadows near, along the wall
Every monster, fear them all

Under the sheets that hide the cold
You shake with fear
Air around you smells old
Nightmare is too near
Breath that reeks of mold
The monster is here

There is no hiding now
No safe place to be
The monster begins to howl
No one left to save thee

No time left to scream
Sheets move, revealing the calming scene
Darkness, moonlight, no monster to be seen
Could this be true? Was it all just a dream?

Old posts

I’m going to be moving a bunch of posts over from Gather to here. I’m planning on getting rid of my account on that site but don’t want to lose what I’ve published. So I’m just going to transfer them over. saving them to my computer as well but I figured I’d put them on here as well.

I Used To Think…

That writing would be easy. I have so many ideas flowing around in my head, that surely one of them would come out on paper. One of them would end up actually turning out the way I thought. One of them would actually be written and it wouldn’t be nagging at me day and night.


Photo Retouching

I would love to be able to fix an old photo that I’ve scanned to my computer. I have some very vague ideas of what to do but they don’t work out like I would like them too.


Story Time

Last night I was lying in bed trying to fall sleep but the caffeine I foolish drank a few hours before I went to bed was keeping me awake. So while I was pleading with my brain to shut off, a memory of when I was about eight or nine popped into my head.


New Moon Photo!

It turns out that the photo class I took last month may have been worthwhile after all! I finally figured out how to get a good shot of the surface of the moon with my camera. I had been lucky before because I had just played around. But now that I have some idea what a few of the numbers mean on my camera, it’s worked out.

I zoomed in a little with Photoshop. Well, I call it zooming in. It’s cropping using the aspect ratio, which I have no clue what that means, so I’ll stick with zooming in.

I got the photo using a shutter speed of 1/800 of a second and the aperture of 4.5. Which basically means, or so I’ve been told, opening the “pupil” (aperture) as far as it will go to let in the most light, and using the least amount of time to expose the shot. Oh, I had my camera set on manual as well. Not sure if you could take the shot on “Tv” mode or not. I didn’t try it.

Hope that helps someone!

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