This is the story I told Lorelai about and have tried to get written for several months. Come about because of an insult in a dream actually. This is a Supernatural fanfiction. I think you’d have to watch the show for it to make some sense. I’m trying hard not to make the main character a Mary Sue by the way.

Basically Sam and Dean started up their prank wars again but Sophia ends up being caught in the middle. After being pranked and teased a lot growing up, she hates pranks being played on her. Greater tension with harder cases brings on more pranks. Dean’s being dense. Sam’s apologetic. Sophia’s just had enough. Causes a fight and Dean’s ability of being an ass hits a new low.

That’s where the insult fits in and no I’m not going to tell you. So far I have some of Sophia’s past figured out, what the pranks being played are, and actually I think that’s it.


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