New Page Up!

Decided my New Years resolution is to write this next year. I know, I got all whiny and quit this last year. I’m determined it will be different this year. First of all I have a job where I get up while it’s dark and a lot of the time I’ll probably be home around 1pm on the days I work with hours. For the next couple months though, I should have shorter work days. Can you say “Yay, logistics!?” Throw a yawn in there and that’s about right.

So what this is all about is I made a new page: Ideas and Titles. I’ll be putting up a very abbreviated bit of my idea up and the temporary title to go with just so you can all see my progress. (and probably a bit “lack there of” at times as well.) It probably will be a lot of fanfiction but I do have one original idea, so far. So please if you see me getting behind, feel free to nudge me some. I’ll take all the help I can get.

Hopefully with being on some sort of schedule again I’ll be able to get things cranked out easier. That is, after I get that damn editor of mine wrangled up, hog-tied and thrown into a very deep dank hole, not to be heard from for the foreseeable future.


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