Pavlov’s Baby Birdies

I’m pretty sure everyone knows all about Pavlov and his salivating dogs. Baby birds though, doubt you would have heard of that! Same principal, different animal.

Several foxes have tried taking over the yard since winter. They even had kits out and about eating up our flock of ducks and chickens so we have taken measurements to drive them away. Seems to be working as well. One of the measurements I’m not too fond of and have only participated in once. If you’re curious, I suggest you look it up elsewhere. You won’t be hearing anymore about that from me.

The other measurement is an annoyance. We have a motion sensor ding-er that was originally was for the driveway but it got blown down one too many times. The foxes moved into the barn for a while. We figured they would freak out and hightail it out of there when they heard the “ding-dong, ding-dong” noise. Seems to have worked. Not just on the foxes either.

Barn swallows have made their nests and have a few babies have hatched out. Every time their parents fly in and out of the barn, the ding-er will go off. It’s not just a couple either, there’s at least 20 birds flying in and out over and over all the time.

I went in the barn tonight to get some hay for my rabbits, ding-er goes off and these little babies just start cheeping looking for their momma and food. I didn’t think much of it at the time. They all quieted down when there was no momma or food. I set the ding-er off a second time as I walked out and they started cheeping again for their momma! Pavlov strikes again!!


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