I’ve completely stopped writing. I tried several time to keep going with my family cats thing but I was so bored with it. How could I expect anyone else not to be just as bored if not more so than I? I’m the one that thought they were all so crazy and would talk about them non-stop as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. Now I can only imagine how many people wanted me to shut up about them. Making matters worse, once I get on a subject I talk about that and only that for quite a while. I can be rather annoying when I talk of nothing else.

So after about the fifth or sixth attempt at making my animals sound interesting to other people, I gave up. Which is pretty much normal for me sadly. I would like to say that I’ve tried to write something else, anything else really but that would be a complete lie. I haven’t. I’ve mostly just sunk back down into that slump I’ve been in most of my life and have been living there ever since. Even though I would love to just write down all my thoughts and all the reasons I am the way I am; I know that would be more boring that the family cats bit I had you all start to endure so I’ll just write it all down in a journal and spare you the depressing selfish bitchiness.

I would still like to write but I have more important things I need to focus on at the moment. Finding a job, paying bills and just basically getting my ass in gear. Should I post anything more on here, it will most likely be venting or something to do with my photos (should that idea ever amount to anything). Other than those things, I think all this “blog” will amount to is the same attempts I’ve tried before. I start out with grand ideas then after a while my heart just isn’t in it anymore.

Like I said, I give up.

For now.


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