It`s been a long time since I just sat outside on the grass and just listened and felt anything. I can now see why living in the country has its appeal. Beautiful baby blue sky with its fluffy cotton ball clouds.

I never got to just look at the sky and see what creatures I could see in the clouds. I never took the time. Hearing the wind blow through the trees and the birds singing their happy little songs…All I wanted to do was just lay there and listen, actually listen to the sounds.

Then just looking at the trees and grass, fields and houses. So many beautiful, wondrous things around us. It started to remind me of a painting. The entire world, the entire cosmos is just one giant painting in progress. Ever changing and getting more beautiful so long as we stop to look at it. What is a painting without its viewers? Canvas, paint, a little charcoal, and someone`s vision. But if you stop and really see it, your outlook can change in an instant.

Today we are all moving so fast to get somewhere, do something, be someone that we forget to just sit back, relax, and listen and take a good look around us. We miss that little things that makes life worth living and get stuck on fighting with each other.

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