I Used To Think…

That writing would be easy. I have so many ideas flowing around in my head, that surely one of them would come out on paper. One of them would end up actually turning out the way I thought. One of them would actually be written and it wouldn’t be nagging at me day and night.

I tried my hand at writing a novel last November with Nanowrimo. Didn’t work out so well. To “win” nanowrimo, you have to finish your novel, if it’s less than 50,000 words or be able to get over 50,000 words. I had just over 8,000 words. Real proud just to get that much. I just wished I had kept going and had more to show for that month. I was all over the page with what I wrote. Had some of the beginning down, then a little in the middle, then a bit more for the beginning and some for the end. I’d have ideas for one character that I just couldn’t get out of my head and nothing for another character. I’d know what I wanted to do but no idea what to put down on paper.

That’s how my writing usually is. A mass of swirling ideas flying around, then like crows from “Birds” they’d all swoop at the same time and beg for attention until I’d give in and write scatter brained notes of nonsense. I’m not even sure if the last sentence I wrote even made sense. I think way too much and that impedes my writing.

I used to think writing was easy, now I know the truth. It’s just shy of being as hard as a diamond. Not too hard that I’d rather go back to dealing with idiotic retail shoppers all day long. The ones that can’t or just refuse to read. I think I’ll stick to hashing out this writing thing before I go back to them. Which is why I’m using writing prompts now to keep me going.

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