Freaking Out

It’s amazing how your mind can play tricks on you. I went out to put our birds up safely for the night and came back out to see a massive spider hanging out on a walnut tree limb. The abdomen reminded me of a very full tick. It was that massive.

I ran back inside to grab the only camera we have that actually does macro. It wouldn’t power up. Apparently my mother takes the battery out to save the battery life. Didn’t know that. So i get the battery in and run back out. It’s not there!!

I looked over the limb as much as I could just standing in one place. Then as I’m walking back to the house, I run into a bit of the web! So I start freaking out. I hate running into webs!

So now I start thinking, that spider may have tagged along on me! I started jumping around hitting my hair and my clothes. I’m sure I looked like crazy. Thankfully it wasn’t on me. That doesn’t stop every movement of my hair or a fly crawling on me from freaking out again.

The other thing I’m freaking out for is Supernatural! The new season starts tonight!! Just a couple minutes left. So I’ll be freaking out over that for a few hours.

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