I should have known when my mother said “This is probably going to hurt you…” but my mind didn’t think it was going to be that bad. I was wrong. It hurt. I was pissed. Now, I’m just sad. She wants to kill our ducks! Well, she used the word cull, like that makes it any better.

She doesn’t want to have them over the winter because they are so messy. We’d have to change their water more, feed them more, blah, blah, blah. I don’t like any of that either. Especially when there’s three feet of snow on the ground and four to five foot snow drifts. Not fun.

I’m very attached to the ducks. There are a few that I don’t mind if we don’t have them any longer. Like Rubber and his Pekin girls. Those four I have no problem getting rid of because they’ve attacked, terrorized, and killed a couple of the ducklings.

I really don’t get the point of having and letting the ducks breed if all you’re going to do is kill them when they’re only a few months old. And my dad even said, “We’ll get some babies next year.” Oh yeah, then kill them in the fall? Thanks but I’d rather not.

If they think that I’m going to eat duck, they don’t know me very well. I won’t even eat the chickens that they killed a few years ago that have been in the freezer. And yes, I know the difference. Mainly because I see my mother drag the carcass out of the freezer.

There’s also the factor of freezer space. It’s full!! There’s no space for a thing of ice cream let alone 11 ducks. And there is no way I am helping with the killing. Never have and never will. I don’t like killing. I don’t like watching people, animals, or even insects die. Granted I will kill a few flies but then I end up feeling bad about that.

My mother has relented some to allow me keep two now. Now, I just have to figure out which ones. Hoppie is out, so is another one of the ducklings because he’s got a funky neck. Seems like it would be better for them. I like DD and dooky, the one that would follow me around, but I like the other ducklings too. So now, I just have decide if I want to keep two ducks and what two ducks to keep. I’m really not so sure what I feel now.

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