Car Sun/Moon Roofs

I refuse to ever buy a vehicle with a sun, moon, or other type roof. The panoramic sunroof on the Kia Sportage bothers me even more than the regulars. I wasn’t able to find a Sportage image but the Sorento version is close enough.

What bothers me about them comes from a story my father told me about a guy that worked with him. During the winter he rolled his vehicle. His right arm got caught outside the car because of the moon/sun roof. He hung there, stuck for several hours, upside down, freezing with his arm stuck outside under his car waiting for someone to find him. By the time they found him, his arm was black and the doctors were able to save his arm but he lost most of the fingers.

Now they have a panoramic sunroof. Or this is the first I’ve heard of it. It makes me very worried for a few reasons. It makes me imagine the story above with kids involved or other relatives. Rolling the vehicle on top of branches, posts, and other objects that metal would have protected the occupants better than safety glass. How about driving along behind semi trucks, at 60-70 mph, carrying corn cobs, rocks, metal even? Do you really think safety glass is going to protect against that? I really doubt it.

I’d rather be fully enclosed in a vehicle as well. There’s too much light being let in with all that glass and it makes me antsy. I would just not feel as safe. Same goes for convertibles. Too much light, not enough metal. I think I’ll stay as far away from non-metallic roofs. Give me my little Malibu any day and I’ll be happy.

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