I’ve learned a few things from watching people when out and about within the last month. Things I’m shocked people have said and done that make me wonder a little. And mainly these things have happened at Wally World. Two of these have been mothers, which kinda makes me worried for their kids. I know, I don’t have kids so I don’t know but still I’m worried.

I hate having to go to the restroom anytime I’m out anywhere. Public bathrooms are just nasty in mostly all places. Walmart’s seems like the worst. Unfortunately I had been really thirsty one day and drank a lot of tea so I had to use the Mart of Hell’s restroom. When I went in there was a woman kneeling in a stall chattering away, I thought to herself, which really confused me. Squatting in a stall yammering to herself but turned out she had a little girl with her. Trying to get her to go but she could see all the shoes and was getting distracted. Mother said it was her first time in a public restroom then told the girl to focus on going potty. Then she goes back to yammering away on her phone it turned out. She told the girl at least three times to focus before going back to chatting to her friend. When I had stepped up to the sinks to wash my hands the woman was still talking on her phone, then telling the girl to focus.

I despise those little handless phone bluetooth things. Especially when it seems like the person is talking to me and I make a fool out of myself. So I can only imagine how messed up that little girl will be when the mother can’t even help her own child focus by focusing on her needs instead of chatting. And no the conversation she was having wasn’t an intelligent one, it was all gossip. He’s dating her, she wore this, she acted that way, blah, blah, blah.

It was another mother-daughter moment that has me worried. This time my mother and I were eating at a Chinese restaurant. Two little girls were telling the mom all about their day at school and the youngest, which I want to say was about five, said that a boy had kissed her. Different views so I didn’t figure this was a bad thing, the mother however seemed shocked and asked if she told the teacher. A little kiss is worth being punished? Worth a detention? The mother went on to tell the girl should the boy try again she should say she would go tell the teacher and him kissing her was a bad thing to do. Then went on to drill that into the child, granted it wasn’t a bad tone she took with her but very patient and made sure the girl knew what her mother wanted her to say.

I didn’t realize that we were as sexually repressed as we apparently seemed. It’s a kiss! As a kid you’re told again and again to kiss your mother, father, aunts, grandmothers, and other relatives. So how can you be so shocked that kids are going to kiss each other. That’s better than them fighting each other. I think it would be better to get a little peck than to have your hair pulled and bullied because a boy supposedly likes you. At least then intentions would be clear. Can’t help but seem to think what kind of complex that child would have by being told a boy kissing her is bad.

The last woman who has made me wonder was once again at Wally World. The Walmart near us is going through a revamp. Moving everything to different places and just generally making a mess of things. Very confusing and irritating at the same time. So by the time we got out to the car and had unloaded I was beyond caring about the idiots around me. There was a woman loading things into her car but not just into the trunk. Into each seat it seemed as well because three doors were open. I had to go around the back of the van then squeeze in between the van’s front and the cart corral just to get to my door. Thankfully her driver’s door wasn’t open so I could just hop in the van. She took a good five more minutes to unload her cart and shut the doors. The thing that makes me really worried is that she walked past her cart to get to her door. Her cart was directly behind her car. Had she actually tried to back up she would have smashed right into it. She must have been really in her head not to notice where her cart was. Thankfully she didn’t because someone told her the cart was there.

The last one is really more of me bitching but still it makes me wonder.

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