For a while now I’ve been looking for a hobby so that instead of just sitting around on my butt watching television or playing on my computer, I’m actually doing something creative. I’ve tried my hand at photography. I’m not sure how that’s going. I’ve tried writing. Last November I even joined the National Novel Writing Month. Was able to get about 9,000 words before my inner editor took over.

That’s my main problem. That damn editor of everything I try to do kicks in and takes over bashing at me until I give up. I’ve got all these ideas. Things I want to type. Things I want to create. Things I try to do and it ends up being more trouble, more heartache because I can’t find a way to just accept them, move on, and try to make them better. And yet somehow I’m going to try again.

This weekend I think I’m going to try my hand at bookbinding. I was surfing around on DeviantArt and found these wonderful books people had made and a few tutorials on how to make them. It doesn’t look too hard. Mostly waiting for glue to dry and measuring and cutting. I think the only main problem I’m going to have is trying to decide what to use. Paper, ribbon, fabric, pictures, artwork, even found gift bags a possibility…I’m rather indecisive and not good at coordinating colors either. Hopefully it’ll work out though. I’m looking forward to it actually.

Now I think I’m off to gather all my possible choices and make a mess.

*Just In* Yeah, that didn’t work out. I figured out how to finally put music on here and ended up spending all my time on it. That is until I had to go put the ducks up and bring baby duck in. He’s sitting, cleaning himself between my feet. He should fall asleep there soon and once that happens, I’m rather suck here. He doesn’t like it when I move after he’s settled down. He gets a little cranky. Oh well, I have all of tomorrow. Saturday I have the baby shower to go to then maybe I’ll try some more then too. Depends upon how it goes tomorrow.

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