Smart Places

Why is it when you have something important and you decide to put them in a “smart place,” you have a really hard time finding it again? Cards, gifts, bills even, they are all things I try to stick somewhere smart. Then when I go to find them, I start to think I’m loosing my mind! It’s even worse when I clean.

One of the nights I couldn’t sleep over the weekend, I decided to clean/put some important things in areas where I should be able to find them. They were an invitation and the gifts for a baby shower. I went looking for the invitation yesterday and couldn’t find it. I completely forgot where I put it! Still have yet to find it. I keep wanting to smack myself upside the head to see if that jogs any memories loose but I’m not a fan of pain.  Today I bought a bag for the gifts and I about tore my room apart looking for them. It’s been three hours and I just found them. I put them in my closet so my cats couldn’t get to them. The smartness of it has returned!

I don’t get how smart one day can end up being not so smart a few days later. It’s very confusing.

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  1. Lisa
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 05:50:07

    You’re too young for this! 🙂 It happens to me allll the time. I find something, I think; “oh, I’ll put this over there where it’ll be safe. ” Next thing I know, yep, it’s ‘safe’ all right…even I can’t find it! LOL


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