Depressed again….

Once again I am depressed, why you ask? Well that would be because I have just failed another class. My speech class from last semester, I had it extended over to this semester and just found out that I went over the deadline…There was a deadline other than the end of the semester??? Uh, Why did I not know about this? Who agreed on this? Wasn’t me, I know that much! So, this semester is in the crapper…Failed that class and am more than likely going to fail two other classes. My Art class I’ll have no problem with. History and Earth Science…uh…I’m screwed. My parents are going to go wacko…and I’ll be living with them this next year…I’m royally screwed. Maybe I should just go nuts and get myself stuck in a looney bin. Would be easier that way I think. Yeah, I’m definately loosing my mind if I think that would be better. I’m fucked…that’s all there is to it.

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