thinking about things….

Ever had a song that just sticks with you throughout the day even though it is way too mushy for your tastes…I’ve had one like that stuck in my head all day. The song in this case is “I Love You Always Forever” by Donna Lewis. No reason for it to be there, it just is. I can’t get it out!! I mean I love the song but having it roaming around when I’m trying to study or pay attention in a lecture, it just made it really really difficult. Then as soon as I thought I evaded it it popped right back in…or was joined by Avril Lavigne’s “He Wasn’t.” Haveing both of those going through my head at the exact same time was…odd, to say the least. I mean it was like going from being really pissed at someone to being all lovey dovy in 1.5 seconds. Talk about flipping the switch on my moods. Pissed, Lovey, Pissed, Lovey…There is only so much of that, that I can handle!! Thankfully I have eliminated both songs from my mind…That process involved a nice few hours of Stargate (Daniel oriented episodes) and then plastering my mind with Rob Zombie and Drowning Pool…nice way to even it out I think.

Ok maybe I am loosing my mind…

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