Too tired to sleep, and too tired to stay awake

My brain is on overload. I haven’t gone to classes in a while, not since last week. I really should since finals start on the 13th…but I really don’t care anymore.
My brother is a bit of any idiot. You’re supposed to put your address in the billing part not mine dumbass, but did he listen nooo…and now I don’t get my b-day gift. At least he’s coming home in a few weeks…that’s nice.
I feel sick and icky…but I think that’s just the depression talking. At least I have Stargate, that makes it all much better. *drools* what is it about guys in uniform that get me…or just ones that are as great as Daniel….*drools a lot more* damn these raging hormones.
Oh, well…Sleep should be around now, but no. Damn this insomnia, Damn it all to hell. Since I’m on the Damning rampage: Damn everything in this college, damn life, damn Garrett(gart)…you know what just fuck it all, I don’t care anymore.

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